The Academy


Melbourne Academy of the Arts was established in 2008  and is recognised in the dance industry as one of Melbourne’s premier and elite training institutions for dance, launching the next generation of dancers onto the world stage. Since its inception, the Academy has provided the highest quality ballet & dance training for successfully accepted and enrolled students.  Through various uniquely driven programs and through our commitment to providing world class training, we achieve multiple successes and accolades annually. Former students have gained successful entry into international and national prestigious full time schools, pupils of the Academy continually place in top positions in national and international competitions and pursue professional careers in dance around the world.

The Academy is situated in the City of Kingston & Bayside area, students from all over Victoria travel great lengths to attend our elite training centre in order to receive specialised and further coaching in classical ballet and dance. Students from schools all over Victoria participate in our Non for profit youth performance company, “The Australian National Youth Ballet”, for a chance to work with international/national principal dancers, guest artists and choreographers.Our creatively driven & individualised training programmes are designed to take students from their first introduction to movement through a full course of ballet & dance study. Alongside our carefully structured training programmes, the Academy have an outstanding international faculty of teachers, guest teachers/artists and choreographers. We also offer stage and performance practice in our full scale and professional repertory productions annually as well as provide our students with world class facilities in order to further aid, develop and produce dancers of a high calibre.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to inspire the future of classical ballet & dance training by nurturing, training and educating exceptional  young dancers in preparation for a professional career in dance.

Our mission at Melbourne Academy of the Arts is to nurture, train and educate exceptional young dancers to a high standard of technical & artistic development and to inspire the future of classical ballet training. 

Our aim is to provide individualised dance training that address each students unique learning styles. Classes are designed to encourage, challenge and extend all students to achieve their own personal best. Our highly professional staff strive for excellence, whilst inspiring and nurturing all students to reach their full potential through their passion, commitment and love of dance.


We believe training should not just be abridged to the Arts, but should extend to train each student to be a well-rounded individual. So we instil in our students etiquette, discipline, equality, confidence, the ability to work as a team and to encourage one another.

The Academy aims to provide a supportive learning environment that then allows our students to develop the high level of technical and performance skills required to pursue a professional career in dance.

We believe our holistic approach to the arts & life provide the students with the skill sets necessary to pursue a professional career in dance as well as in other areas outside of dance and the allied Arts.


 We are Student focused: Students are at the heart of everything we do at the Academy and their training and welfare are the basis of all decisions.

Faithful to our core mission: To create top quality dancers and well rounded individuals. We take a fully collaborative and inclusive approach and provide our students with international and national extra curricular opportunities and access to the professional industry.

Broadening access: Sharing our expertise in dance training by engaging with the wider dance community and bringing international and national industry professional guest artists, teachers, choreographers & dancers to the Academy.

Nurturing our students: We are respectful of our dancers as aspiring artists and as individual, intelligent human-beings.

Promoting excellence: We maintain the highest standards of excellence in classical ballet and dance training. Our commitment to excellence is also evident in our success & accolades, our world class facilities & faculty, our customer service.

One team: We support each other, creating a warm, nurturing environment for students to maximise their potential.

Training versatile dancers: Our highly skilled dancers are able to adapt to a broad range of  styles and genres. Our dancers are provided with in depth education on classical ballet, dance and it’s allied subjects.

Innovative and pioneering: We are a bold, forward-thinking organisation and bring this approach to all areas of our work with the utmost integrity.

Respecting our heritage: We ensure the rich heritage of the Academy is at the heart of our training. We honour the knowledge passed down to us from generation to generation and ensure our students are educated in the history of classical ballet & dance.

Committed to academic education: We give students the best possible support to continue with their education.  The Academy provide students with alternative means & options to aid them to maintain high standard in their results. In doing so we open up further opportunities for them beyond ballet and dance.

Safe & Convenient Location
MA Arts provides a safe and supervised environment where students can begin to learn the key life skills that will prepare them for working in a ballet or dance company, as well as in the real world. Our studio is located only 900m away from Southland and is situated conveniently amongst residential houses pre-school, primary school & secondary schools. Our state of the art facilities reside right across the road from the beautiful Le Page Park making the Academy a safe environment for your children out of the hustle & bustle of heavy industrial areas. With 21 car spaces conveniently located at the front, local shops, sporting clubs, a church, gym & cafes only a minutes walk away, enabling you to go for a coffee, take the dog for a walk in the park or relax as your child is happily dancing away in our newly furnished & climate controlled studios.

Life at MA Arts involves lots of happy faces,  students are always stretching and chatting away in the warm up room or down our 28m long hallway. Baby ballerinas tip toeing around, parents having a quick chat and laugh amongst each other & staff delivering exciting, innovative & fun classes.

Life at MA Arts
At MA Arts we encourage excellence not only in dance but also in all of our students’ schoolwork. When they have spare time allocated between classes, students are encouraged to sit and study in our student study area. This is a great way for them to complete their homework in advance and allows them to utilise their time efficiently. The Academy student room is equipped with lockers, a grand study table and chairs, couches and pigeon holes for their belongings.

Between dancing and studying, the students can enjoy stretching or using the Pilates equipment in our study/warm up room, or watch one of the wonderful dance documentaries or ballets on the large study TV screen. There is a kitchen area where the students are able to prepare their meals in between lessons. The students will also enjoy the social benefits of being apart of  a supportive and vibrant community such as ours at Melbourne Academy of the Arts.