Director's Note

For over 10 years, the Academy has consistently strived to produce top quality dancers and well-rounded individuals. Our students are at the heart of everything we do at the Academy and their training and welfare are the basis of all decisions.

As it’s founding Director my goal is to provide every student with the tools they need to succeed and to become the best dancer they can be by offering a strong curriculum, professional performance opportunities and community events. We consistently offer diverse extra curricular opportunities for our students and provide access to the wider professional dance industry by engaging with and bringing international and national guest artists, teachers, choreographers & dancers to the Academy.

The Academy offers unique, creatively driven & individualised training programs that aid our students to develop as well rounded artists, dancers and individuals. We believe our holistic approach to the arts & life provide our students with the skill sets necessary to pursue a professional career in dance as well as in life and other areas outside of dance and the allied Arts. Whether pursuing a professional career in the Performing Arts or dancing for discipline, fitness, socialising or fun, the Academy caters to all our students various needs and ensures that all our pupils take with them a passion, love and joy for dance no matter where there journey leads them. We encourage everyone to experience and enjoy our classes and cater to any level of ability whether absolute beginner or seasoned professional.

We foster a wholesome education in classical ballet and its allied subjects, allowing us to offer our students with alternative means & options to maintain & achieve high standards in their results and training,  in doing so we open up further opportunities for them beyond ballet and dance.

We provide an open and supportive environment in which students may comfortably balance their self-expression with what is expected of them. New students will notice the enhanced & high level of training offered at MA Arts. However, this does not mean that our staff & students do not enjoy some spontaneity, we are all interested in keeping our spirits high & our stress levels low, thus we find the balance between the high level training methods and more social & fun classes that we also have on offer.

With the continuing development of Melbourne Academy of the Arts, we hope that the future will assist in providing the necessary training programs for all of our students, aspiring to offer our clients new & improved facilities, talented staff and most importantly opportunities for dancers, aspiring choreographers and/or hopeful teachers of the future.

By being interested in Melbourne Academy of the Arts, we know you that you share in our commitments to the arts & share our values towards disciplined training, academic rigor and the personal development of each student.  

I cordially invite you to join us and I look forward to welcoming you into the MA Arts Community and what I know will be a delightful and fulfilling journey for all involved.

Kind Regards,

Jasmina Stefkovski