The Academy take pride in offering an international array of highly experienced and qualified teachers. Our Faculty members have a wealth of knowledge they offer and share. They guide and assist our students, aiding them to reach their full potential & inspire them to conquer their goals. The passion, care and commitment of our staff is evident in our students achievements.  The Academy boasts multiple international and national success and accolades annually, we work together to ensure our students are kept at the forefront of all our decisions. Our Faculty are dedicated to maintaining the high level of technical &  artistic standard of the Academy and it’s students.

Jasmina Stefkovski - Principal

Jasmina Stefkovski


Alexandra Insinga

Associate Artistic Director 

Yulia Galiamov


Alida Segal


Gareth Belling

Contemporary & Classical 

Brigitte Thomson

Pre-School & Classical 

Samuel Akins


Carolyn Block


Jillian Green


Emma Lippa

Ballet Accompaniment, Solo Pianist & Honoured Artists of Russia

Kris Naumoski

Office, Building & Finance Manager 

Brigitte Thomson

Administration Manager 

Natalia Zappala


Emily Bleeker

Onsite Distance Education
Teacher & Tutor