Parents & Friends Committee (PFC)

Our Mission:

The PFC are a vital  support to the Academy with the aim to provide assistance to all MAARTS families thus creating a strong sense of community.

The PFC also encourages parents of students to become involved in  internal and external Academy activities, foster goodwill amongst parents, teachers and students. We value our community and encourage parent involvement in the PFC.

Who are we?

 The committee is an amalgamation of Academy faculty, staff,  parents & friends. We are always happy to welcome members and volunteers into our committee at any time.

What we do:

  • Organise events to maintain the community spirit of the Academy.  

  • Assist in the running and operations of Events, concerts, competitions, exams and working bees etc.

  • Raise funds to improve facilities, utilities and productions.

  • Raise funds to provide opportunities for students and for the benefit of the whole Academy. 

  • Work towards enhancing the experience of being involved at MA Arts. 

  • Support parents, students and families with queries, run orientations and forums.


Gayle Mifsud- West

Vice President:

Carolyn Williams


Megan Fisher



Carole Martin

Zorina Vlahodimos

Sue Kerr Corcoran

Angela Costigan

Friends of the PFC:

These are the wonderful volunteers who are current families as well as extended families & friends of the MA Arts community that assist with concerts and events; 

Goran Stefkovski

Aleksander Stefkovski

Carla Cabon

Anne Sullivan

Michael Naumoski

Sonia Naumoski

Lou Naumoski

Sophie Caroline