“MA Arts has everything you need to ensure a high level of dance tuition will be received. The attention to detail is not only focused on the training of technique & performance but is also applied to the training and development of each students character. Ms Stefkovski instills in her pupils discipline, respect, morals, honesty, etiquette and does so with creating talented young dancers. An inspiring individual and teacher, her students are lucky to have such a mentor who whole heartedly invests her energy and interests in the success and progression of her students, not only in dance but in all realms of their lives”.

Adam Thurlow, Dancer & Academy Patron Paris Opera Ballet, English National Ballet, Australian Ballet

Dedications from both teachers and students and you can tell by the wonderful performances!

Ron FungOwner Sansha Dance Wear

Working at MA Arts is an absolute joy! Jasmina Stefkovski has created one of the few purpose built dance studios in the area and has worked tirelessly to provide her students with the best facilities and equipment to further their dance training. MA Arts staff strive for excellence in every facet of their students’ training; not just the development of their dance abilities but also by instilling in students a desire to work hard and be the best they can be. They have built a wonderful sense of community within the school, allowing senior students to take on roles as student teachers and learn about teaching and leadership while also giving the younger students an opportunity to work more closely with the older students they admire and look up to. I am thrilled to see dance bringing all the MA Arts students together as a community. It is a joy to be a member of staff and part of the MA Arts family.

Sophie BriggsAcademy Faculty (2013 - Present)

Both our daughters [7 & 10] have been training at Melbourne Academy of the Arts since 2013 and they love it! Our youngest trains for an few hours and oldest for 25+ hours a week and wants to do more. The facilities and dance studios are some of the best I have seen, the teaching staff are firm but professional and they work hard to get the best out of the children. In addition to the classical ballet training our children are receiving they are also being nurtured and taught some very important life skills whilst having a lot of fun.

Ben Mifsud Parent

My daughter has been with MAARTS from the beginning, nearly 10 years, from age 6! She has tried all genres of dance classes at the academy and decided on taking ballet seriously a few years ago. In the early days Jasmina was able to spot certain aspects of my daughter that needed improving, without her keen eye and my daughters ability to follow directions, there would have been no improvement. The dedication and passion from the teachers is beyond belief! They helped my daughter develop good technique, along with stretch and strengthening classes. After several years of 20 plus hours of training per week, my daughter auditioned and has been accepted into the yr 10 Senior Program with Queensland Ballet from 2016. This huge achievement would not have been possible without the exceptional training from this academy. All students need to start somewhere, this is the right place to be. ALSO, the studios here are WORLD CLASS STUDIOS. And there is a great group of parents and friends, who are very welcoming and helpful to all parents. It’s a great environment all round.

Vicky Paraskevas Parent

We found Melbourne Academy of the Arts almost 2 years ago after my daughter injured herself. We needed to find a dance school that had a strong focus on classical ballet and offered a range of strengthening and core training to help strengthen my daughter after her injury. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a world class dance studio right in our local area making it convenient and provided so much more opportunities to enhance my daughter’s training. Since then she has gone from strength to strength. She is so happy to be part of the MAART’s family and even more so because she has had the opportunity to expand her ballet training and her love and passion for ballet. I am confident that the culture at MAART’s, the Teachers, staff and students is a safe and encouraging environment that will nurture and support my daughter.

Candice Molnar Parent

I am So glad to have an opportunity to brag about our dance school!!
MAARTS is the wonderful dance school my family has chosen to learn dance from since MAARTS began. We have always been impressed by the professional approach of Jasmina and her team.  But more than excellence in teaching, the school gives students a place where they are encouraged, challenged and cared for by teachers who work to see each and every child’s potential realised. They do this by always maintaining a positive, happy environment where the love of dance is contagious. The fact that the studios are clean, bright and lovely is always reassuring that the learning that takes place there is of equal quality and standard. The convenience of the location has been great for picking up and dropping off children safely.

Margaret Ranchhod Parent

My daughter has been studying under Miss Jasmina at MAARTS for a year now and we couldn’t be more happy. After spending many hours on the internet looking for a ballet school we came across MAARTS. From the first time we walked through the door we have felt at home and my daughter has loved every minute studying there. Miss Jasmina and the other teachers are firm but understand that kids sometimes have bad days and that kindness in teaching can sometimes go a long way in helping young ones become more teachable. We love that Miss Jasmina encourages the girls and boys to have strong minds (through researching famous dancers, ballets and the countries they come from), bodies (through stretch classes and talking about good eating habits) and technique (through the many hours of classical, contemporary and special ballet classes taught there) but also to see ballet as what it truly is, an art form. She encourages the kids to see themselves as artists telling a story on stage.

Megan Fisher Parent

As an ex ballet dancer (classically trained) I have my niece attending this school after significant research to find the best ballet training. My niece has now been attended for over a year and the training has proven to be exceptional…from musicality, to discipline, to posture to developing passion for Ballet… I would recommend this school first and foremost. The care from the teachers and the training provided is really exceptional… excellent school, caring staff and engaged/excited students… well done MAARTS!

Danya Ferdman Volunteer - Parents & Friends Committee

I’ve been training at MAARTS for almost 10 years now and I believe the teaching/training, discipline and facility is world class! I started training at MAARTS when I was 6 years old and as of right now I’m training interstate at a professional ballet school. Miss Jasmina’s teaching style is unlike any other teachers style! She focuses on technique with small elite training classes which are audition only. Allowing to correct each student individually. She understands that students sometimes just have bad days. She is strict but doesn’t degrade students. Miss Jasmina pushes you to perform to the best of your ability and strives for excellence! She loves every single one of her students all equally and does not have favourites! She is the most wonderful teacher I’ve ever had and I owe all my achievements to her. Thank you miss Jasmina!

Alanna Paraskevas Former Student of the Academy (10 years)

The Melbourne Academy of the Arts School of Dance has provided my daughter with not only professional dance teaching but also a great social setting. She has met in the last twelve months some lovely girls and in her words ” we are one big happy family” This dance studio is a great asset to the City of Kingston. 

Wendy’s daughter after less than 2 years of training at MA Arts was successfully accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS) where she currently trains.

Wendy Glover Parent

I trained with Miss Jasmina for five years and loved every minute of it. She is a wonderful and caring teacher and has all the knowledge in the world about ballet! It has been a privilege to watch the school grow together like a family and become what is now MAArts.

Caitlyn Bosma Former Student (7 years)