New Classes in 2014

We have some exciting new classes on offer in 2014!


Pom (Sub-division of Cheer)

Cheerleading is currently the fastest growing sport in the world and for many good reasons. It is a great team sport that pretty much anyone can join and partake in, whether you have absolutely no experience, are a dancer or a gymnast etc. It is a sport where you become part of a team and every person on that team has an important role, therefore giving each and every team member a sense of confidence and importance that not very many other sports can offer. It doesn’t matter what body type you have, how tall or short you are or what you look like, cheerleading has a role for everyone. Another great subset of cheerleading is Pom. This is very similar to dancing; however it has a huge focus on being and working as a team. The students will essentially learn a group routine with specific motions and skills whilst holding ‘cheer pom poms’. It is great for fitness and developing dance-based skills/jazz technique.

Just in case you have never seen what Pom is like, this is a high school team in America competing at UDA Nationals; This is an example of a high level team; we will just be starting out!

Pom/Cheerleading in Australia is relatively new, but it is growing at an extraordinary rate! At the AASCF ‘Nationals’ Competition just recently held in Melbourne last November there were over 6500 athletes competing in various divisions and levels of Cheer and Dance. So if you would like to get involved in this wonderful experience and sport, this is the perfect time to do so! Email your interest today to [email protected] and we will allocate an audition time for your child.


Elite Competition Squads (Audition Only)

This year we will be introducing 2 Competition Squads. They will be as follows:

  • Junior Competition Squad (Ages 12 and Under)
  • Senior Competition Squad (Ages 16 and Under)

These squads will train once a week and will focus on producing routines for competitions throughout the year. These routines will then be performed in the Annual Production held in December. Styles of routines will be determined once the squads are form, based on what styles will be most suitable for the dancers. However, we are hoping for a minimum of Jazz and Contemporary/Neo-Classical. Other added styles could potentially be Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre and/or Hip Hop. Please forward your interest immediately to [email protected]

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