• Kellymarie Sullivan, Patron, Melbourne Academy of the Arts

Kellymarie Sullivan received her classical ballet training at the National Theatre Ballet School & Australian Opera Ballet Company. She is currently a Principal in the Staatstheatre Shwerin in Switzerland and has been with the company since 2004. One of the predominant stages of her dancing career included Companies in Sydney, Melbourne, Frankfurt/Main, St. Gallen and Nordhausen. Her wide-ranging repertoire includes the big title roles of character portrayal.

She has performed in many leads and danced as Victoria in “Dorian Gray”, the fall in the “Four Seasons”, the woman in “Lover‘s Tale” (Choreography: Marc Bogaerts), the Cassandra in “Oristie”, the title role in “Lysistrata” (choreography: Dominique Efstratiou), Titania in “A new Midsummer Night’s Dream” ( choreography: Annett Göhre and Cayetano Soto) as well as lead roles in “Jeanne d’Arc”, “Antigone”, “Triassic Bolero”, “Rite of Spring” and “Elvis”. In 2006 she received from the Society of Friends of the Mecklenburg State Theatre Schwerin the first dancer to the Conrad-Ekhof prize, which is awarded to exceptionally talented young artists.

  • Soloist at the Stadtheater, St Gallen Switzerland
  • Soloist at Jubileum The Knabenkantorei, Basel Theatre
  • Soloist at Klangbilderverein, Zug Circo Fantastico; Lorzensaacham Ch: Oliver Dahler;
  • Soloist Stadttheater Nordhausen, Germany;
  • Currently Soloist Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin
  • Kellymarie Sullivan_Patron, Melbourne Academy of the Arts

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