How it all started?

During these unprecedented times of Covid-19, the Structured Isolation Training (#SIT) Program was developed to ensure that our students could continue to learn and progress through our current methodology and high level of training.

The Academy are mindful that in this current situation students are already spending more time on screens due to being homeschooled; alongside all other hobbies and other recreational activities which are now also online. Based on this we decided to create our own unique program which has allowed us to take our current comprehensive curriculum and restructure the way in which it can be delivered without following the current frenzy of replacing all in studio classes with hours of online ZOOM sessions, thus resulting in even more screen time.

The name SIT was chosen as a play on words due to our current self isolation and containment forcing us to sit at home for longer than we are used to (our energetic younger dancers are usually dancing away in the studio). The SIT program is a world first and is a very unique program designed especially for our students.

We are confident that our creative approach to the situation and the design of our SIT program; partnered with a balance of specifically allocated ZOOM sessions and our comprehensive MAARTS curriculum will allows us to continue catering to our students needs, thus allowing them to continue to progress and flourish in the most efficient way achievable whilst in self isolation.

About the Program

The program is designed to allow our students time to work on the Academy’s curriculum (Units of study, Theory, Practical etc) via other creative platforms, allowing them to use other senses such as kinaesthetic/aural methods of learning as well as visual. There are also many other ways in which we can use technology to further advance their training, skills and knowledge as well as varied ways to review and assess the students and their progress. Our curriculum is divided into Subjects and Units of study, these units have been divided and presented through a variety of platforms in our SIT Program in order to achieve the affect of in studio training as best we can. Students will continue to learn from our extensive curriculum of;

  • Classical Ballet, Pointe Preparation & Pointe work
  • 19th, 20th & 21st Century Repetoire & Variations
  • Character, National/Historical Dance
  • Contemporary & Jazz
  • Anatomy, Body Awareness & Self Correction
  • Performance skills, developing artistry & stylisation in varied genres
  • Flexibility, Limber & Conditioning
  • Theory, Dance Vocabulary, History & Music
  • Choreography, Mime & Improvisation
  • Planning & Goal Setting, Audition Preparation, Career Guidance & Advice

The only subject we will be unable to coach during  Covid-19 will be Pas De Deux training.

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