Training Program


About the Division

The Academy Intermediate School Division classes are designed for students approximately 9-13 years old and continue to build upon fundamental skills and muscle development of previous studies in the Pre-School & Junior Divisions.

Their is a further emphasis on correct placement & technique as increasing difficulty will be added to the set exercises, vocabulary, theory and content in each Term and movements are performed to a more advanced musical tempo with greater change of direction and weight placement of the entire body. Alongside this students are introduced to a more complex understanding of placement of the body, legs, arms, head and epaulement in the exercises at the barre and in the centre.

This division requires a greater demand and focus for students to achieve correct strength and flexibility and pre-pointe exercises & classes are introduced  in order to build appropriate foot, ankle, and body strength for beginning pointe work.

Their is a focus on mastering  jumps (allegro) and placement of the body on the toes, the development of elementary skills and the coordination of movements are studied in greater detail. There is a further development of strength of the legs, stability, and introduction of demi-pointe in exercises in the centre of the studio and should be able to demonstrate the develop the ability to balance and support themselves on one leg whilst their legs are held at 90+ degrees in the air as introduced as practiced in adagio exercises. There is also the introduction of movements en tournant, pirouettes, and battus.

The continuing development of coordination of movements in all parts of the class, as well as the development of expressiveness in each exercise, is demanded and stressed. Students continue their study of age-appropriate repertoire, theory and dances.

Areas of Focus

The Intermediate Division of the Academy is focused on extending and progressing the students training and knowledge of the fundamentals of classical ballet. Areas of focus include:

  • Core strength, Foundation &  technique
  • Musicality and rhythm
  • Performance skills
  • Imagination, Mime & Improvisation
  • Anatomy, Body Awareness & Self Correction
  • Coordination & Body Awareness
  • Flexibility, Limber & Conditioning
  • Dance Vocabulary
  • Character, National/Historical Dance
  • Theory & Dance Vocabulary
  • Repetoire
  • Choreography
  • Planning & Goal Setting

Note: Age is used as a guideline. The teachers at MA Arts will make a determination as to the most suitable classes for the Student.