Training Program


About the Division

The Academy Junior School Division classes are designed for students approximately 7-10 years old and continue to build upon fundamental skills and muscle development of previous studies in the Pre-School Division.

The Junior School Division introduces and develops additional components that are necessary to learn in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of dance, that will  be developed and performed with an increase of difficulty and complexity.

Students will continue to refine their foundation exercises with the main areas of focus  on correct posture, placement and technique as well as the development of their creativity,  flexibility, stage direction, musical and rhythmic awareness, memory and the required discipline and etiquette of the dance studio.

These important and additional components will be studied in greater details in order of the students to develop a greater understanding of each skill. For example;  musical and rhythmic awareness, students will work towards understanding the varied musical rhythms and differences between a polka, waltz and gallop.

Students will be introduced to the study of acting in ballet classes through the use of games, imagery, and exercises, while also continuing their study of age-appropriate repertoire and dances.

Areas of Focus

The Junior Division of the Academy is focused on training the fundamentals of classical ballet. Areas of focus include:

  • Core strength, foundation &  technique
  • Musicality and rhythm
  • Performance skills
  • Imagination, mime & improvisation
  • Anatomy & body awareness
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Limber & conditioning
  • Character, national & historical Dance
  • Self correction
  • Theory & dance vocabulary
  • Repetoire & choreography
  • Planning & goal Setting

Note: Age is used as a guideline. The teachers at MA Arts will make a determination as to the most suitable classes for the Student.