Training Program


About the Division

The Academy Senior School Division classes are designed for students approximately 13 years old and above and continue to build upon fundamental skills and muscle development of previous studies in the Pre-School, Junior & Intermediate Divisions.

In this level there is a further development of strength, the students are required to perform more complex and controlled exercises on demi-pointe  in the centre as well as en pointe, working towards developing the correct muscle strength and control..

Exercises are now performed in an accelerated tempo with an introduction of movements en tournant and with battus. The increased focus in this division is on the continuing development of coordination in all movements throughout each lesson, as well as the development of expressiveness in each exercise.

Students continue to develop their understanding of advanced weight placement by developing flexibility and cohesiveness in transitions from one pose to another.

The Senior Division allows students to refine and polish the foundations of everything they have learned in previous years, as well as develop and enhance their artistic sense and knowledge of stylistic differences in combinations depending on the character of each piece of music. There is further development of combinations in adagio, allegro, and exercises on pointe, with the use of both classical and contemporary music. The main focus is on the development of exceptional technique and specialties, artistry, and individualism.

Students continue their study of age-appropriate repertoire, theory and dances.

Areas of Focus

The Senior Division of the Academy is focused on extending and progressing the students training and knowledge of the fundamentals of classical ballet. Areas of focus include:

  • Core strength, Foundation & technique
  • Musicality and rhythm
  • Performance skills
  • Developing Artistry & Stylisation in varied genres
  • Imagination, Mime & Improvisation
  • Anatomy, Body Awareness & Self Correction
  • Coordination & Body Awareness
  • Flexibility, Limber & Conditioning
  • Dance Vocabulary
  • Character, National/Historical Dance
  • Theory & Dance Vocabulary
  • Repetoire & Variations
  • Choreography
  • Planning & Goal Setting
  • Pas De deux
  • Audition Preparation
  • Career Guidance and Advice

Note: Age is used as a guideline. The teachers at MA Arts will make a determination as to the most suitable classes for the Student.


Listed below are the classes we offer in our Senior School Division

Note:  Age is used as a guideline. The teachers at MA Arts will make a determination as to the most suitable classes for the Student.