Australia’s Premier Youth Production Company


The Australian National Youth Ballet (ANYB) provides the opportunity for students of Melbourne Academy of the Arts alongside external selective and auditioned students to become members of a semi-professional ballet company. The Youth Ballet provides emerging young dancers essential and necessary stage practice and experience. Students selected for ANYB are provided with the ability to rehearse in over 1000m2 of the Academy’s world class facilities and gain exclusive opportunities to collaborate and work alongside professional guest artists, choreographers & producers.

Benefits of being involved

ANYB offers participants the unique opportunity to experience and perform in company standard productions. Participating in ANYB will accelerate the dancer’s training and will allow them to gain in depth insight into what a career in classical ballet would be like.ANYB allows the dancers to work at an elite and professional level, giving them the opportunity to further enhance their skills by developing the ability to learn & study choreography & repertoire efficiently, in great detail and to the desired standard of technical and artistic proficiency. ANYB provides  young dancers with access to train and perform with qualified industry dancers in a professional setting. Participants will also develop their skills in all other areas of production such as; working with elaborate and full scale staging of sets, scenery and props. Working in professional theatres, designed specifically for classical ballet and performing in professional, couture made and custom costumes.

Enhance & develop your artistry & performance skills

Ballet goes far beyond technique. A dancer must be an artist and with that have a vast understanding of musicality, artistic sensitivity and mime to be able to portray the story to an audience. Company dancers spend hours learning the correct mime and timing of musical punctuation in repetoire that must be performed precisely in each performance. ANYB offers young aspiring dancers the chance to develop a deeper understanding of such nuances and stylisation required for each role. Participants will have the opportunity to learn various repetoire. A dancer must be adaptable in all areas and quick to learn choreography. These are essential  skills required to be considered for employment into a professional ballet company. The skills developed and studied at ANYB  can be applied to all other areas of their dance education and will aid young dancers with their continued training. In order to develop a high level of performance skill to aid you should you wish to pursue a career as a professional dancer, a professional setting and environment is the most effective way to study in great detail the technique and artistry required.

Work with professional artists

Participants are extremely lucky to work alongside international and world class guest artists, teachers and choreographers. To date, students involved with ANYB have been lucky enough to work with dancers, teachers, ballet masters and choreographers from Bolshoi Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, English National Ballet, Dortmund Ballet, Kremlin Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, Royal Ballet, The Australian Ballet, Queensland Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet, New Zealand Ballet, Alabama Ballet & Vienna State Opera Ballet.

Who is the program for?

ANYB is open to students from across Australia. Applicants are required to gain permission from their current schools and studio directors in order to be eligible to participate and are also required to demonstrate a suitable level of technical and artistic ability necessary as deemed by the Producers/Directors to be considered for acceptance into the Youth Ballet company. All external students accepted to be involved in ANYB are only permitted to train for repertoire and rehearsal purposes during ANYB rehearsal times. External students will not have access to classes offered at MAARTS or be involved in any of the Academy’s varied programs.

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