About the Division

The Academy PreSchool Division classes are designed for students ages approximately 2-7 years and serve as an introduction to ballet and to Academy’s training program.

PreSchool classes use familiar, fun movements to stretch and strengthen the body and to teach fundamental ballet skills. Since this is usually the child’s first experience in a ballet class we use playful movements to teach rhythms, patterns, shapes, counting, and musical phrasing.

All Academy classes entail a general warm up with simple stretches and strengthening exercises. The classes are focused on building memory and listening skills, while creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for young dancers to improve upon previously learned elements. The classes are designed to build muscle strength, correct posture, and proper alignment in a safe, effective manner.

Students will also learn age-appropriate repertoire and classes will introduce ballet stories and ballet history through games, movement, and interactive activities designed to enhance the students overall understanding of the material.

Note: Age is used as a guideline. The teachers at MA Arts will make a determination as to the most suitable classes for the Student.

Areas of Focus

The Pre-School Division of the Academy is focused on developing young students and beginners in the fundamentals of each discipline.

Areas of focus include;

  • Core strength and basic technique
  • Musicality, counting and rhythm
  • Performance skills
  • Body Awareness
  • Coordination
  • Imagination
  • Mime
  • Improvisation
  • Social interactions with other students
  • Practising sharing and taking turns
  • Developing focus and concentration
  • Learning how to work together and follow instructions


Tiny Tots Ballet

2-3 Years

Pre-Kinder Ballet

4-5 Years

Pre-Primary Ballet

5-6 Years

Primary Ballet

6-7 Years


For students who are in the Primary Level and above. 

Junior Open Ballet

Primary, Gr 1 & Gr 2

Junior Contemporary

Primary, Gr 1 & Gr 2

Junior Limber & Core

Primary, Gr 1 & Gr 2

Junior Jazz

Primary, Gr 1 & Gr 2