Private Lessons are taken for a number of reasons such as;

  • Personalised training to reach a certain standard/catch up.
  • Improve technique
  • Improve Flexibility or Strength
  • Preparations for Auditions (interstate or international vocation schools or professional companies).
  • Preparation for audition classes & competitions  (BTW, AICD etc)
  • Examination preparation (RAD, CEP, Commercial)
  • Competition training & performance skill development
  • Repetoire & Variations
  • Mime & Acting
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • VCE & VET Dance Assistance
  • Assistance with Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Ice-Skating by implementing dance & conditioning
  • Assist with external events such as; to learn choreography for an upcoming school concert, wedding dance etc)

You do not have to have a specific problem or focus to take private lessons, but it helps to talk to your teacher about your goals. Private lessons will change and adapt to the students needs.